Garage Door Openers

About Garage Door Openers

There are lots of garage door designs and brands available in market but your installation choice always depends upon your requirement and location of garage unit. There is no doubt to say that garage door units consist of so many delicate components and each one of them plays an important role in its operation. Garage door openers are one of the most essential component of these units and it assist in overall movements of door; this delicate component use to face wear and tear losses with each and every movement of door unit so it demands proper care and time to time replacement.

Experts always suggest calling professionals for garage door opener repair and replacement because these parts are sensitive enough and must be handled with right tools and proper procedures. Performance of your garage door unit depends upon type of opener you are using and its strength to hold garage door weight during operation. Generally there are four different types of garage door openers and they are suitable for different applications so you have to make hard decisions about selection of these components.

Types of garage door openers:

  1. Chain Drive type:

These types of garage door openers are more popular due to their low cost and better performance. They make use of chain type mechanism for pushing or pulling the trolley in upward and downward direction in order to assist doo movements. Although these components are more reliable as compared to other types but the only problem that one can face is their higher noise so it is good to prefer them for detached units or commercial applications only.

  1. Belt Drive Type:

If you are searching for a suitable option for your residential garage door unit then it is good to pick the quieter one and no other than belt drive type opener can suit your requirement. These openers are easily available but price range is little higher as compared to chain drive type components but they are best option for those garage units that are attached to your bedroom.

  1. Screw Drive type:

Such types of openers in garage door units are responsible for moving trolley with the help of a threaded steel rod. You will be glad to know that screw drive type openers have simplest designs that is easier to maintain and you need not to put more efforts for their repair. There performance is much better as compared to other options and you have to spend less on such garage door opener replacement as they can serve you for so many years due to their strengthful designs.

  1. Jackshaft type:

These openers are useful in high ceiling areas where it is not possible to attach openers to the roof; jackshaft allows you to connect opener unit to side walls and it operates door units with better results.

In case if you face any trouble with operation or movements of garage door unit then it is good to call some experts from industries to initiate garage door repair because these devices demand more care and proper tools for repair.