Off Track

Concerns related to off track garage door repairs

Has your garage door moved off the track? Then we are here to guide you about its repair. But, before that let us tell you the various reasons that can be responsible for the garage door off track situation.

Have you ever thought that what can lead your garage door go off its way? Many of you may not have thought about it and those, who would have thought might have remained unable to know all the reasons. So, let us tell you the main reasons behind your off track garage door.

Reasons behind garage door off track

The most common reasons for the off track garage door are:

  • Operating the garage door with broken springs

No doubt that a garage door owner will not make this mistake knowingly, but there can be the case that he is unaware of the broken spring and try to open the door. This will cause the door to carry all the load on one side and the door will go off the track.

  • Damaged edges of the door

If the top or bottom edge of the door panel is damaged that the panel is moved outward, then using the door in such a condition can cause the problem of off track door.

  • Bad rollers

You will just be surprised to know that even a single bad roller can cause the door to go off its way. If not repaired on time, then it will also damage the other rollers and thus, will worsen the situation.

  • Obstructed Tracks

Sometimes, a small object or little debris can get stuck in the door tracks and in some cases, the tracks get bent by a sudden crash with an object. In both the cases, the track cause obstruction for the rollers to move and the door comes down.

  • Hardware issues

As the garage door is regularly used, the nuts and bolts that hold the door parts get loose. Using the door in such condition can put stress on these parts, which in turn can cause the garage door to move off the track.

No matter which of the above given causes have led your garage door go off the track, you are required to hire a professional garage door service for doing the repairs. Chances are there that you may be thinking of carrying out the garage door off track repair procedure on your own, so let us tell you that you should never do so. As you are not having any experience, neither you will be able to detect the cause nor will be able to do the repairs properly.

In contrast, the professional services will ensure 100 % for all the things regardless it is the right detection of the cause, accurate repairs, use of right tools and techniques, safety or any other issue. All these things will keep your garage door in best working condition and thus, you will be able to save a significant amount of money that otherwise you would spend on recurring repairs.